safe removal in Bergen CountyDo you have a safe that weighs several thousand pounds in a hard to reach area?  Getting rid of old heavy safes can be stressful, painful and risky. NJF can help you remove and dispose of all types of heavy safes. We have the right tools to get rid of all the different types of safes ever made. Don’t take the risk of hurting yourself or putting someone else at risk. Let the professionals handle it. We can remove your safe and dispose of it with safety and ease. Call us now and schedule a free onsite estimate.

Reasons for Safe Removal

  • Relocation of a safe from one location to another
  • Just a simple moving of a safe from one room to another within the same building
  • Disposal of a unwanted safe

Most Common Types Of Safes That Need Moving / Relocation

safe removal in Bergen County
Safes and cabinets comes in all sizes that most people will not have the equipment to move.

  • Freestanding Safes
  • Cash Deposit Safes
  • Fire Proof Cabinets
  • Gun Safes