junk removal general construction contractorsAfter a construction job is completed, you may be left with debris that seems impossible to get rid of. Whether it’s demolition, remodeling or construction, we know you are in a rush to bring your house back to normal and remove the debris at an affordable cost. Where do you dispose of concrete, metal and drywall?

Call NJ Furniture Removal Services and we can come out and clear your debris during demolition and construction as well as after it’s finished.

Garbage Disposal is Easy & Affordable

It is amazingly easy to accumulate junk, but it is much more difficult to get rid of it. That is unless you should request garbage collection from our furniture and junk removal company. We are the solution to your problem. It is simple to make a phone call or contact us online for garbage disposal.
Unwanted furniture can overwhelm you if you have lived in the same place for a number of years; or if you have unused space, such as abasement, an attic, spare bedroom or even a garage. Sometimes, it seems as if such space is a vacuum just waiting to be filled with old desks, bedding or entertainment centers. When you see the old furniture starting to pile up, contact us for garbage disposal.

Reliable Garage Disposal

Sure you could call a junk hauler to take that old stuff to the dump, but would they go up to the second floor to bring down that desk or mattress? For that matter, would they be willing to descend into the basement for unused sofas or spas that no longer work? We are willing to do just that and more. Not only will we move the old furniture, but we also will get rid of it for you.
Our services extend from residential to commercial because, as you well know, a company often collects unwanted or broken furniture, such as desks, chair and cubicles.
One of the big pluses of garbage collection from our furniture and junk removal company is our willingness to move old unwanted items from your home to our truck and then to the dump. Your back and knees are safe while we do the heavy lifting!